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carE-commerce and car subscription platform

Increase your dealership's profits with yourown subscription service

Digital technologies for dealerships to endure recession.

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Find out how AMPE by Rexalto can take your
business to the next levell

Optimize labor costs

Implement single-point-of-contact (SPOC) sales – it is easy to manage sales funnel when you have all instruments in one place – digital showcase with available models, pricing options and services. This approach helps to improve credibility and transparency and remove friction from customer experience.

Optimize acquisition costs

Online showcase integrated with CRM helps manage customers experience at all stages of marketing funnel – from retargeting those, who visit your page and don’t stay to establishing long terms relations and providing personalized experience according to consumer behavior on the site

Increase F&I sales

Create different maintenance and service packages and implement them into digital SPOC to increase consumer familiarity from the beginning of the purchase funnel.
Customizing styles
Customize your storefront to match your brand style

Change the logo, color accents, fonts in a couple of clicks. We also provide a branding service to fit your branding rules.

Management tools
Manage your fleet from a single app

Advanced subscription management tools to easily handle the logistics of car subscriptions

Reporting and analytics tool
Make decisions based on data

Comprehensive reporting and analytics tools to help dealership managers understand the performance of their subscription service and make data-driven decisions.

Easy integration
Don't lose existing solutions

Integration with existing dealership software to optimize the subscription process and minimize outages.

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