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starAMPE. Power of AI for real-life business

The game-changing solution designed to optimize revenue and efficiency for your fleet

AMPE (AI Mobility Pricing Engine), the game-changing solution designed to optimize revenue and efficiency for your fleet.

How AMPE works

We check every price offer in real-time to give you the best rates for your business

Step 1. Retrospective sales data

our AI analyze our retrospective sales dataset. We suggest not to do tuning on data less than 1 year old.

Step 2. Your current business data

We look at current demand and supply fugures for your car pool to provide best prices for each model

Step 3. Checking competitors

We keep an eye on your competitors' prices to make sure you stay competitive.

Step 4. Extra Info

We use datasets like weather forecasts and flight schedules to better predict what people will want.

Get Your Best Price

After all these steps, we give you a price that aims to make you the most money while staying competitive.
We can take your business to the next level

Optimize Revenue

Harness the power of surge and discount pricing to maximize revenue per car and reduce downtime.

Customizable Strategies

Choose from various pricing strategies that suit your business goals: Match the average market price, Stay slightly cheaper than competitors, Maximize profits in real-time

Save Time & Effort

Replace manual pricing adjustments and external data monitoring with our automated, data-driven solution.
Verified technology
Unlock the Potential of Your Fleet

Our proven success in managing a fleet of 5,500 cars, resulting in a 2.5x increase in car utilization, demonstrates the effectiveness of the AMPE solution. Now, we're offering our AI-driven dynamic pricing engine to rental car and carsharing companies like yours, helping you unlock the full potential of your fleet.

Full control
Tools to fully control own processes

Tailored for rental car companies, with secondary applications in carsharing and full data control, owned by clients. Stop being the product and don't share valuable information externally

Reporting and analytics tool
Make decisions based on data

Comprehensive reporting and analytics tools to help revenue and general managers understand the performance of their processes and strategies, and make data-driven decisions


Easily integrates with your tools


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